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Fórum Oficial da ANASP

Bem-vindo ao Fórum Oficial da ANASP, Fundada em 2009 | Associação Nacional Agentes Segurança Privada | Portugal

ANASP - Associação Nacional Agentes Segurança Privada


Sede: Urbanização Caliço, Lote P10, Frente A, 8200 Albufeira (ao lado terminal autocarros Albufeira)
Delegação Faro: Rua Libânio Martins, nº14, Fração B na União de Freguesias da Sé e São Pedro.

Delegação Lisboa:  Rua Abranches Ferrão Nº 13, 1º, 1600-296 Lisboa (Em frente à Loja do Cidadão das Laranjeiras)

Delegação Braga: Rua Dr. Francisco Duarte, 75/125, 1º, Sala 23, C.C. Sotto Mayor – 4715-017 Braga

 (ao lado Segurança Social de Braga, contactar Dra. Eva Mendes)

Telemóvel: 938128328 Telefone: 289048068

Horário de atendimento: Segunda a Sexta: 09h/12h - 14h/17h

Telefone: +351 253 054 799

Telemóvel: /+351 965293868  / +351 936345367(tag) / +351 917838281

Email: geral.anasp@gmail.com

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    [size=31]Obama Meeting Central American Leaders on Migration Crisis[/size]
    U.S. president Barack Obama is set to urge the leaders of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador to halt the surge of young, often unaccompanied migrants arriving in the United States, while offering assistance to address underlying factors driving the emigration (WSJ). Ahead of their Friday meeting at the White House, the leaders asked Congress for economic assistance, and attributed the violence partly driving the flight of young people (WaPo) to narco-trafficking to the United States. Meanwhile, the Obama administration is weighing a proposal to screen youth in Honduras to determine whether they meet refugee or humanitarian criteria for entering the United States (NYT).
    "It is important to impose harsher penalties for 'coyotes' or smugglers, since this has become a very lucrative business for organized crime, according to recent reports byPrensa Libre and Emisoras Unidas. It is also important to communicate to Indigenous leaders in sending communities why crossing illegally into the U.S. is a crime (both in Spanish and in different Mayan languages)," writes Juan Carlos Zapata for Americas Quarterly.
    "While the surge in unaccompanied children has received a lot of media attention, the number of apprehensions of children who are accompanied by a parent or guardian has increased at a far faster clip, nearly tripling (160% increase) in less than a year," writes the Pew Research Center.
    "None of these is more important than pervasive weaknesses in the basic institutions of the rule of law [in Latin America]—the police, the prosecutors, the courts and the prisons. Trust in the criminal-justice system remains low: majorities of the population in almost every country in the region have little or no faith in it," writes the Economist.
    Beijing Mulls Fossil Fuel Policy
    Senior Chinese officials are debating a cap on coal use as they formulate the country's next five-year plan. Coal use would be pegged to economic growth and energy demand, whichcould allow an increase in emissions for years (NYT).
    CFR's Global Governance Report Card classifies China as a "laggard"in climate change policy.
    SOUTH KOREA: South Korean president Park Geun-hye on Fridayrejected Japanese efforts to mend relations (Korea Times) that were conveyed by Tokyo governor Yoichi Masuzoe in an official visit to Seoul (SCMP).
    India Summons Pakistani Envoy over Mumbai Attacks Trial
    India on Friday lodged a protest with Pakistan's deputy high commissioner in New Delhi over repeated delays in the trial of seven Pakistanis charged with participating in the 2008 attacks in Mumbai (Hindu).
    CFR's Daniel Markey reports on mounting Indian and Chinese security concerns as the United States draws down from Afghanistan.
    PAKISTAN: Citing a terrorism threat, Pakistan's interior ministry announced on Friday that the military will oversee law and order in the capital of Islamabad for three months, (Express Tribune).
    West Bank Protests Escalate as U.S. Presses Truce
    Thousands of Palestinians marched near Ramallah late Thursday,clashing with Israeli security forces (Ma'an) after blasts killed sixteen people seeking refuge at a UN school in Gaza (NYT). Meanwhile, the United States pushed Israel and Hamas to consider a temporary cease-fire, during which time they could negotiate a longer-term deal (Haaretz).
    CFR's Elliott Abrams weighs in on the roles of the EU and UN Human Rights Council.
    SYRIA: A UN convoy bearing humanitarian aid crossed into Syria from Turkey Thursday night in defiance of Damascus. The shipment comes a week after the Security Council approved a resolutionauthorizing cross-border aid deliveries without the government's consent (AFP).
    This CFR Global Conflict Tracker assesses the situation in Syriaafter three years of civil war.
    Missing Air Algérie Flight?s Wreckage Found
    France dispatched a military unit in Mali to secure the crash site of the Air Algérie flight that went missing early Thursday with 166 on board (France24), President Francois Hollande said. The crash has been preliminarily attributed to weather conditions.
    SUDAN: Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, a Sudanese woman who fled to the U.S. embassy in Khartoum after facing apostasy charges, has met Pope Francis on Thursday in Italy (BBC).
    Australia Bids to Secure MH17 Crash Site
    Australia Bids to Secure MH17 Crash Site
    Australia is nearing a deal with Ukraine to allow its police to assist aDutch-led mission that would secure the MH17 flight's crash site (Guardian), Australian prime minister Tony Abbott said Friday. Meanwhile, Ukrainian prime minister Arseny Yatseniuk was expected to resign (Reuters), and the United States accused Russia of firing artillery at Ukrainian military positions across the border (FT).
    Analysis and background on the Ukraine crisis is provided by this regularly updated CFR Global Conflict Tracker.
    POLAND: The European Court of Human Rights on Thursday found that Poland was complicit in the CIA's rendition and torture program (EUObserver). The court has cases against Lithuania and Romania onsimilar allegations on its docket.
    Venezuelan Intelligence Chief Arrest on U.S. Drug Charges
    Authorities in Aruba arrested former Venezuela intelligence chief Hugo Carvajal at the request of U.S. law enforcement officials, who suspect him of assisting the Colombian rebel group FARC's drug trafficking activities (LAT).
    JAPAN: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe embarked on a five-nation Latin America tour (Asahi Shimbun) on Friday to bolster ties in the region. Abe's trip comes on the heels of Chinese president Xi Jinping's tour of the region.


    Aruba arrests ex-head of Venezuelan intelligence, after US request

    [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]By IAN ALLEN | intelNews.org
    The former director of Venezuela’s military intelligence, who was a close associate of the country’s late president Hugo Chavez, has been arrested in Aruba following a request by the United States. Authorities in the Dutch-controlled Caribbean island announced on Thursday the arrest of Hugo Carvajal Barrios, former director of Venezuela’s Dirección General de Inteligencia Militar (DGIM), which is Venezuela’s military intelligence agency. A close comrade of Venezuela’s late socialist leader, Carvajal was accused by the US Department of the Treasury in 2008 of weapons and drugs smuggling. According to the US government, Carvajal was personally involved in illegally providing weapons to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), a leftwing guerrilla group involved in a decades-long insurgency war against the government of Colombia. It also accused the Venezuelan official of helping the FARC smuggle cocaine out of the country, in a bid to help them raise funds to support their insurgency against Colombian authorities. But the government of Venezuela rejects all charges and has been sheltering Carvajal. In January of this year it appointed him consul-general to Aruba, a Dutch colony in the Caribbean located just 15 miles off Venezuela’s coast. Caracas reacted strongly to Carvajal’s arrest, saying the detention of the diplomat was a violation of the Vienna Convention, which grants international diplomats immunity from arrest or detention. But Aruban officials told reporters on Thursday that, although Carvajal holds a Venezuelan diplomatic passport, he has not yet received his official diplomatic accreditation from the Aruban authorities, and is therefore not an accredited diplomat. A spokesperson for the Aruban prosecutor’s office told the Associated Press that Carvajal “does not have any function here in Aruba. He is not the consul-general. Therefore he has no immunity”. Read more of this post


    NATO / ACO

    DSACEUR General Sir Adrian Bradshaw meets with Hungarian Military Officials
    [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]25 Jul 2014
    The Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe met with Hungarian Military officials to discuss NATO’s continuing assurance measures and its collective resolve in dealing with the Russian/Ukraine crisis.
    Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe visits Romania
    [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]24 Jul 2014
    DSACEUR, General Sir Adrian Bradshaw, visits Bucharest, Romania where he reinforced NATO's commitment to collective defence.



    25 July 2014[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.] [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.] [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.] [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]
    INTERPOL response team being deployed following Air Algerie crash in Mali
    LYON, France – An INTERPOL Incident Response Team (IRT) is to be deployed to help coordinate international disaster victim identification (DVI) efforts following the crash of an Air Algerie flight heading to Algeria from Burkina Faso with 116 passengers and crew on board.The 24-hour Command and Coordination Centre at the General Secretariat headquarters i...


    Segurança e Ciências Forenses[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]
    [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]Envelhecimento e violência
    by Segurança e Ciências Forenses
    [ltr]Em 24/07/2014, o DN online publicou uma notícia onde se referia que nos primeiros seis meses deste ano, o Distrito Judicial de Lisboa registou 87 casos de maus tratos a idosos, o que constitui um aumento de 85% face ao período homólogo anterior. O projeto Envelhecimento e Violência (2011-2014), financiado pela Fundação para a Ciência […]
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    Segurança e Ciências Forenses[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]
    [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]Violência Doméstica – Avaliação e Controlo de Riscos
    by Segurança e Ciências Forenses
    [ltr]Os casos de violência doméstica são uma referência constante nos órgãos de comunicação social, tendo sido recentemente implementada uma nova ficha para melhorar a avaliação de risco nesta matéria. Acerca desta temática publicámos, ainda não há muito tempo, um artigo, da autoria de Lusa Ferreira Mascoli e Alexandra Ferreira, intitulado “A Gestão do Risco em […]
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