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Fórum Oficial da ANASP

Bem-vindo ao Fórum Oficial da ANASP, Fundada em 2009 | Associação Nacional Agentes Segurança Privada | Portugal

ANASP - Associação Nacional Agentes Segurança Privada


Sede: Urbanização Caliço, Lote P10, Frente A, 8200 Albufeira (ao lado terminal autocarros Albufeira)
Delegação Faro: Rua Libânio Martins, nº14, Fração B na União de Freguesias da Sé e São Pedro.

Delegação Lisboa:  Rua Abranches Ferrão Nº 13, 1º, 1600-296 Lisboa (Em frente à Loja do Cidadão das Laranjeiras)

Delegação Braga: Rua Dr. Francisco Duarte, 75/125, 1º, Sala 23, C.C. Sotto Mayor – 4715-017 Braga

 (ao lado Segurança Social de Braga, contactar Dra. Eva Mendes)

Telemóvel: 938128328 Telefone: 289048068

Horário de atendimento: Segunda a Sexta: 09h/12h - 14h/17h

Telefone: +351 253 054 799

Telemóvel: /+351 965293868  / +351 936345367(tag) / +351 917838281

Email: geral.anasp@gmail.com

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    ARTIGOS 07-08-2014

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    China stops using some Apple products, fearing US espionage

    By JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | intelNews.org[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]
    Authorities in China have removed Apple products from a government procurement list because of fears that they are susceptible to electronic espionage by the United States. Citing “government officials familiar with the matter”, Bloomberg News said on Wednesday that 10 Apple products have been removed from the list, including the iPad and iPad Mini, as well as MacBook Air and MacBook Pro products —though interestingly the inventory of removed items does not include Apple smartphone products. The procurement list is produced several times a year by China’s Ministry of Finance and the National Commission for Development and Reform. It specifies the types of products that can be purchased with public funds by all central departments of the Communist Party of China, as well as by all state and local government ministries. The surprise removal of Apple products from the list follows a report aired by Beijing’s state-owned China Central Television in July, which claimed that security weaknesses in Apple software could cause the theft of sensitive state secrets. Apple vigorously rejected the claims made in the television report. The action by the Chinese government is the latest move in a tit-for-tat cyberespionage war between Washington and Beijing, which began in 2013, when American defector Edward Snowden began leaking US intelligence secrets. In June of that year, it was revealed that the US National Security Agency (NSA) has been engaged in protracted offensive cyberespionage operations against China for nearly 15 years. Almost a year later, the US Department of Justicecharged a group of Chinese military officers with stealing American trade secrets through cyberespionage. Apple is not the first American technology firm to be hit with removals of its products from the Chinese government’s procurement list. Read more of this post

    “Terrorism is about exposing your cause in the public sphere," said Veryan Khan, executive editor of the Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium (TRAC). “And terrorists are looking for an overhanded, heavy reaction from their opponents. That wins support for their cause. And if the public can see that on television, all the better.”


    Europe's Crisis Puts France and Italy in the Spotlight

    Europe's economic downturn is following a relatively coherent path. First, it affected some of the eurozone's smallest and most peripheral economies (Greece, Portugal and Ireland). Then it moved to larger economies (Spain, and to a certain extent the Netherlands and Finland), and now it is particularly concentrated in the second and third largest economies in the continental bloc, France and Italy. These will be the two key countries to watch in the final months of 2014 and throughout 2015, because the debate about the future of the eurozone will be focused on them. 

    On Aug. 6, the Italian statistics office announced that the country has fallen back into recession, after two consecutive quarters of gross domestic product contraction (-0.1 percent in the first quarter, and -0.2 in the second). Italy had briefly emerged from a two-year recession in the final quarter of 2013, but only in a technical sense (it barely grew by 0.1 percent). This means that the Italian economy has not grown for at least three years. 

    It is clear that 2014 will not be the year of economic recovery in Italy. 

    Read more »

    [size=31]Russia Institutes Food Ban Against West[/size]
    In retaliation against Western sanctions over its involvement in the Ukraine crisis, Russia on Thursday banned most food imports (AP) from the West in a move that will likely bruise Western agriculture businesses and lead to shortages in Russian cities. The ban includes imports of all meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit, dairy, and a wide range of processed foods from the United States, the European Union, Australia, Canada, and Norway for one year (FT). Meanwhile, fighting continued in eastern Ukraine between government troops and separatist rebels. Polish prime minister Donald Tusk said that the possibility of Russia deploying military forces in Ukraine has risen, as roughly 20,000 Russian troops havemassed near the border (NYT).
    "But before the West celebrates the possibility of Putin being forced from the throne, we should consider what might come after him. This is not an argument against sanctions or against political change in Russia. But the country's history tells us that prolonged economic malaise often brings about political turmoil, the result of which has never been a democratic Russia," writes Julia Ioffe for The New Republic.
    "Economic experts in Moscow warned the Kremlin would have to use its favourite weapon sparingly if it did not want sudden price rises or shortages to shake the population out of a nationalist euphoria it has promoted during the crisis," write Kathrin Hille and Stefan Wagstyl for the Financial Times.
    "Europeans feared that the United States' meager economic ties with Russia made it too easy for Washington to push for sanctions, while Washington feared that the governments of many EU member states were too dependent on Russia's oil and gas to do what needed to be done," write Stephen Holmes and Ivan Krastev for Foreign Affairs.
    [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]Explore CFR?s Interactive on the Sunni-Shia Divide
    Sectarian conflict is becoming entrenched in a growing number of Muslim countries. Tensions between Sunnis and Shias could reshape the future Middle East. Click on the Sunni-Shia Divide to learn more.
    Khmer Rouge Leaders Sentenced
    Two top Khmer Rouge leaders were sentenced to life in prison (SCMP) by Cambodia's United Nations-backed tribunal for crimes against humanity, marking the first time top-level leaders have been held accountable for the regime's crimes. Around two million people are believed to have died under the regime, which ruled from 1975 to 1979.
    JAPAN: Japanese foreign minister Fumio Kishida plans to hold informal talks with his Chinese and North Korean counterparts during regional meetings this weekend in Myanmar (KyodoNews).
    Hagel Goes to India
    U.S. defense secretary Chuck Hagel will land in New Delhi on Thursday for his first visit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's new government (PTI). The meeting, which also sets the stage for Modi's visit to Washington next month, will focus on defense deals and military-to-military ties.
    This CFR interactive timeline traces the roots and evolution of U.S.-India relations.
    PAKISTAN: Sri Lanka announced that its president, Mahinda Rajapaksa, will visit Pakistan later this month (Dawn). The news comes as the two countries conclude their fourth round of political consultations.
    ISIS Seizes Iraq's Largest Christian Town
    ISIS extremists have taken over Qaraqosh (AFP), Iraq's largest Christian town, as well as its surrounding areas, sending tens of thousands of residents fleeing toward autonomous Kurdistan. Some 50,000 Christians inhabited Qaraqosh, which lies twenty miles southeast of Mosul, which ISIS captured in June.
    This CFR Backgrounder outlines the origins, leadership, and funding of ISIS.
    ISRAEL: Israeli officials offered to extend the ceasefire in Gaza (Reuters) beyond Friday morning's deadline as Egyptian mediators pursued talks with Israelis and Palestinians on a long-term solution to end the war.
    Liberia Declares State of Emergency
    Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has declared a state of emergency (BBC) in the country as it grapples with a deadly outbreak of the Ebola virus. The outbreak has also hit Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria, and has so far killed more than 930 people.
    CFR's Laurie Garrett and John Campbell discuss the global response to the Ebola outbreak in this conference call.
    CAMEROON: Cameroon officials said that Boko Haram militants from neighboring Nigeria raided a border town in the north on Wednesday, killing ten people and kidnapping a child (VOA).
    Bulgarian Commissioner Nominated For EU Post
    Kristalina Georgieva, Bulgaria's commissioner in Brussels, was nominated to replace Catherine Ashton as the EU's next foreign policy chief (FT). The bloc's leaders are in deadlock over the succession as officials remain divided over candidates' positions on the crisis in Ukraine.
    Rousseff Says EU Trade Deal Is Stalled
    Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff said that the trade agreement between Latin American trade group Mercosur and the European Union is stalled due to resistance (MercoPress)from several European countries, namely France, Hungary, and Ireland. Negotiations have been ongoing for the past fifteen years.
    UNITED STATES: Senators are at odds with the Obama administration over efforts to ensure that portions of a report criticizing the Central Intelligence Agency's interrogationprogram remain secret (WSJ).


    NATO / ACO

    [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.] repeat-x 0% 100% rgb(223,227,229);padding:12px 0px 12px 12px;vertical-align:top"">[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.][Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.] repeat-x 0% 100% rgb(223,227,229);padding:12px 0px 12px 12px;vertical-align:top"">NATO Secretary General in Kiev for talks with senior government leaders
    NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen met with Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko and other senior Ukraine government officials in Kiev on Thursday (7 August 2014), in a visit demonstrating NATO’s strong support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. “Mr President, I can assure you that we stand by Ukraine and your struggle to uphold the fundamental principles on which we've built our free societies,” the Secretary General said.

    Lithuania Takes Command of NATO Mine Counter-Measures Group
    [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]7 Aug 2014
    There's been a Change of Command for NATO's Mine Counter-Measures Group ONE.  Lithuania took over command from Germany during a ceremony on Thursday, 7 August.
    Italian destroyer ITS MIMBELLI leaves Operation Ocean Shield
    [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]7 Aug 2014
    Operation Ocean Shield bids a fond farewell to the Italian destroyer ITS MIMBELLI, following a successful tour with NATO's Counter-Piracy Mission.  


    [*]NATO set to cut three aircraft from AWACS fleet
    NATO looks set to reduce its E-3 Airborne Warning And Control System (AWACS) fleet from 17 to 14 aircraft, according to an upgrade contract awarded to Boeing on 6 August. The USD250 million contract will see the flight decks of 13 AWACS aircraft modernised to make them Global Air Traffic Management
    [*]Malta receives first AW139 SAR helo

    The Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) has received the first of two AgustaWestland AW139 search-and-rescue (SAR) and maritime patrol helicopters, the company announced on 6 August. The helicopter, which was delivered in June, will be followed in December by a second (six months ahead of the previously

    [*]Russia to top UK threat assessment levels
    Russia is being placed at the top of the United Kingdom's defence threat list, on a par with terrorism and cyber warfare, it has been revealed. Speaking to IHS Jane's on 4 August, Rory Stewart, chair of the House of Commons Defence Committee, said: "Until recently threats from Russia have been
    [*]AFSOC reveals details of aborted South Sudan rescue mission
    The US Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) has disclosed details of a rescue mission in South Sudan that saw three of its Bell-Boeing CV-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft hit by ground fire more than 100 times and survive. The CV-22s from the 8th Special Operations Squadron (SOS) were engaged
    [*]USAF employs quicker and safer airdrop method in Afghanistan
    The US Air Force (USAF) has begun using a new airdrop system in Afghanistan that is said to be both safer and quicker for the loadmaster, the service disclosed on 5 August. The Wireless Gate Release System (WGRS), which is still being trialled in the US, has become the primary method of airdrop
    [*]Aviation shoot-down risks in South America remain low, but elevated risks persist for light aircraft along drug-trafficking air routes
    Key Points Six states - Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile and Uruguay - have policies that allow for the shooting down of unauthorised civil aircraft. The application of 'shoot-down laws' is very likely to be subject to varying levels of rigour across jurisdictions. The risk of a large
    [*]Mexico mulling Brazilian military equipment, leadership structures
    Top Mexican and Brazilian defence officials met on 4 August as Mexico is interested in several of Brazil's defence programmes, as well as possibly mirroring its military leadership structure. Mexico's Secretary of National Defence (Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional - SEDENA), General Salvador

    [*]Australia deploys missile frigate to Middle East
    The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) has deployed its Anzac (Meko 200)-class guided-missile frigate HMAS Toowoomba in support of the ongoing international effort to counter illegal narcotics trade and maritime terrorism on the seas. The 3,700-tonne vessel relieves the RAN's Adelaide (Oliver Hazard
    [*]Beijing slams Japan in latest row over disputed islands
    Reports that Japan plans to unilaterally name five islands within a disputed archipelago also claimed by China was met with swift condemnation from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 1 August, calling the action "illegal and invalid". Tokyo was reported to have announced that it
    [*]Kandahar's power supply in question after 2015

    Key Points US auditors for Afghanistan fear there are no viable proposals to provide Kandahar with electricity after subsidies end in 2015 Supplying power to Kandahar was 'a top counter-insurgency objective' US and Afghan government agencies appear to lack feasible plans to keep electricity
    [*]Parcel bomb injures embassy staff at Swiss embassy in the Italian capital Rome
    A SWISS member of staff was wounded when a parcel bomb, sent by unidentified militants, was detonated inside the Swiss embassy building in the Italian capital Rome on 23 December, the BBC reported. While there was no claim of responsibility for the attack, police claimed that the device was almost
    [*]US general killed in 'green on blue' shooting in Kabul
    A suspected 'green on blue' or insider shooting at the main Afghan training facility has killed the highest-ranking US officer to die during operations since the Vietnam War and injured other high-ranking officers. The attack took place at the Marshal Fahim National Defense University in Kabul, the
    [*]AFSOC reveals details of aborted South Sudan rescue mission
    The US Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) has disclosed details of a rescue mission in South Sudan that saw three of its Bell-Boeing CV-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft hit by ground fire more than 100 times and survive. The CV-22s from the 8th Special Operations Squadron (SOS) were engaged
    [*]Air strike kills suspected Taliban militants in Afghanistan's Kandahar
    AN UNSPECIFIED number of suspected Taliban militants were killed during a coalition air strike in an undisclosed area of Afghanistan's Kandahar province on 6 September, Reuters reported.
    [*]Another attack near western border heightens likelihood of Egyptian airstrikes inside Libya
    EVENT Militants opened fire on two police checkpoints near the gated tourist resort of Marina al-Alamein, around 60 kilometres west of Alexandria, yesterday (5 August), killing one officer and four conscripts and destroying two vehicles. The attack took place on the main highway leading to the
    [*]Antonov survives regime change attempt

    Ukrainian government officials have attempted to resolve a long-running dispute over the leadership of aircraft manufacturer Antonov, but have been forced to retreat, the company told IHS Jane's on 5 August. A 16-strong team led by Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy Aleksandr Kalenkov
    [*]ASG militants release hostage in the Philippines' Basilan
    A BUSINESSWOMAN, kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) militants in an area between Ungkaya Pukan and Lagayas in the Tipo-Tipo district of the Philippines' Basilan province on 2 November, was released unharmed in Al Barka in Basilan on 25 December the Philippines Daily Inquirer reported. A police
    [*]Aviation shoot-down risks in South America remain low, but elevated risks persist for light aircraft along drug-trafficking air routes
    Key Points Six states - Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile and Uruguay - have policies that allow for the shooting down of unauthorised civil aircraft. The application of 'shoot-down laws' is very likely to be subject to varying levels of rigour across jurisdictions. The risk of a large
    [*]Corruption allegations against Mongolian PM's adviser and worsening economy suggest increased political instability risks
    EVENT The opposition Mongolian People's Party (Mongol Ardyn Nam: MAN) on 5 August called for a special session of parliament to consider the circumstances surrounding allegations of corruption against one of the prime minister's senior advisers. Luumed Gansukh was arrested on 29 July on charges of
    [*]Crackdown on Islamist sect in northwestern Nigeria raises risk of Boko Haram attacks and recruitment in Niger state
    EVENT Muazu Babangida Aliyu, the governor of Niger state, announced the seizure of 200 hectares of land in the Lapai area of northwestern Nigeria from an Islamic group Madinatu Muheenu Nibassiya and the arrest of the group's leader, according to a media report on 4 August in the Daily Times, a
    [*]Croatian MiG-21 crashes
    A Croatian Air Force and Air Defence MiG-21bis-D 'Fishbed' fighter aircraft, one of only five operational, crashed on 5 August near Zagreb owing to mechanical problems. The aircraft is understood to have been due to be retired from service on 15 August. Although it was within its overall flight
    [*]Defex reports loss of EUR2.1 million

    Spanish state-backed defence and security exports promotions network Defex has reported losses of EUR2.1 million (USD2.8 million) on sales of EUR107.9 million for 2013. The previous year Defex made a EUR3.3 million profit on a turnover of EUR95.1 million. In its annual report, released on 1
    [*]Elbit reports stable second quarter revenue, order backlog increase
    Israeli defence systems manufacturer Elbit Systems reported that its year-on-year revenue for its second quarter remained relatively stable, while its order backlog increased. According to the company on 6 August, second quarter revenue amounted to USD702.6 million, down from USD702.9 million for
    [*]Fighting flares over Nagorno-Karabakh

    At least 19 have been killed in renewed fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenian forces over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh in some of the worst fighting since the two sides signed a ceasefire agreement in 1994. The circumstances of the most recent outbreak of violence remain unclear.
    [*]Indian MoD puts dealings with Finmec concerns on hold
    India's Ministry of Defence (MoD) has put on hold all dealings with and acquisitions from Italy's Finmeccanica, the AgustaWestland subsidiary of which is being investigated locally on corruption charges. Since March 2013 India's Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has been inquiring into the 2010
    [*]Indian MoD twists the knife over HAL's IJT failures
    The Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has dealt a severe blow to state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited's (HAL's) futile efforts over the past 14 years to design an Intermediate Jet Trainer (IJT). "HAL, which has been developing the IJT, has not so far been able to resolve critical wing and
    [*]Indian Navy commissions new VLF facility in Tamil Nadu
    The Indian Navy (IN) inaugurated a new very low frequency (VLF) transmitting station on 31 July at INS Kattaboman, near Tirunelvelli in Tamil Nadu, boosting its ability to communicate continuously with operationally deployed ships and submerged submarines. The new facility accompanies the navy's

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